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HACCP Training - Food Safety

Course Summary

Businesses in the food sector should apply the principles of hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) throughout their operation. The HACCP-food safety course aims to provide the necessary skills to everyone who wishes to obtain knowledge about the HACCP system, to ensure the hygiene of food at all stages of the production process, from the primary production stage to the final consumer, according to EC no 852/2004, 853/2004 European Regulations. The course aims to identify critical control points and monitoring procedures, establish corrective measures, implement procedures to check where the measures are working effectively and keep records. At the end of this course, the attendee will be able to implement a HACCP system or audit one. The course involves real case scenarios in order to improve their abilities and obtain a clear and comprehensive picture of HACCP.

The course is eligible for funding
from Erasmus+ Programme

The course is addressed to:

  • Those involved in implementing or managing HACCP or food safety

  • Those new to food safety management and HACCP

  • Food safety managers and consultants

  • All food related industry personnel responsible for receiving, storing, staging, preparing, processing, loading, shipping and transport of food and food related products

  • Anyone wishing to improve their employment prospects in the food industry

  • Participants should come from one of the European countries eligible for Erasmus+ projects.

Target group


identification of food safety hazards associated with PRPs and production processes

understanding the principles of HACCP

determine control measures for identified significant hazards

know how to apply the principles of HACCP

construct and verify a process flow diagram

conduct a hazard analysis of the production process

identify critical control points, critical limits, monitoring methods and correcting actions

draw links between HACCP and food safety regulations


An eligible participating organization/institution must apply for a grant to the National Agency of Erasmus+ Programme in the country in which the applicant organization is established.
Applicants have to submit their grant application by 5 February 2019 at 12.00 (midday Brussels time) for projects starting between 1st June and 31st December of the same year.

National Agencies may organize a second round of applications. In that case, applicants have to submit their grant application by 4 October at 12.00 (midday Brussels time) for projects starting between 1st January and 31st May of the following year.

Epimorfotiki Kilkis is committed to assist and to support participants’ organisation during the submission phase by providing participants with the necessary information, materials and documents.


Venue of the Course is the premises of Epimorfotiki Kilkis in Kilkis (GR)


10 Oct - 14 Oct 2022

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