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Technological Empowerment for teachers - trainers (MOBILE-TECH)

Course Summary

MOBILE-TECH course is aimed to empower the teachers/trainers technologically, giving them the opportunity to get to know the methodologies and tools to use mobile learning in their teaching/learning process. The programme is designed for teachers and VET trainers and includes all the modern mobile learning approaches, tools, and methodologies to help them create their own. This course inspired by Erasmus+ KA2 project "MOBILE-TECH".

The course is eligible for funding
from Erasmus+ Programme

The course is addressed to:

  • Teachers

  • School principals

  • School administration staff

  • Adult education staff

  • VET trainers

  • VET staff

  • Other educational staff

Participants should come from one of the European countries eligible for Erasmus+ projects.

Target group


Professional development and continuing education, as concerns to the real use of new digital media in the classroom, and the pedagogical use of these new media

Learn the characteristics, attributes and advantages each one of the different mobile devices

Learn how to plan your own

mobile learning approach

Creation of new material

Familiarisation with mobile learning

How to assess students on a mobile friendly way


An eligible participating organisation/institution must apply for a grant to the National Agency of Erasmus+ Programme in the country in which the applicant organisation is established.
Applicants have to submit their grant application by 5 February 2019 at 12.00 (midday Brussels time) for projects starting between 1st June and 31st December of the same year.

National Agencies may organise a second round of applications. In that case, applicants have to submit their grant application by 4 October at 12.00 (midday Brussels time) for projects starting between 1st January and 31st May of the following year.

Epimorfotiki Kilkis is committed to assist and to support participants’ organisation during the submission phase by providing participants with the necessary information, materials and documents.


Venue of the Course is the premises of Epimorfotiki Kilkis in Kilkis (GR)


10 Oct - 14 Oct 2022

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